We offer wide selection of tuning and factory-power springs and parts for the most popular firearm models in IPSC practical shooting: Colt 1911/2011, CZ, Glock, Tanfoglio, Sphinx, Sig Sauer, Springfield XDM, AR15 and others.

Every competitor can customize their shooting equipment using the EEMANN TECH springs and parts according to their needs and division requirements.  We offer a wide selection of parts for making firearms match the factory parameters using EEMANN TECH classic-line spare parts or highly customize them by using the EEMANN TECH tuning-line parts.

Thanks to advanced technologies our springs have an increased service life-period.

Whole the range of EEMANN TECH products can be purchased from our DEALERS.

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We work with wholesale partners, companies, shops, shooting ranges, etc. on B2B basis who is working with retail customers. If you are interested in cooperation and want to become a dealer, please use the Contact form to send your questions or requests to us.