OUR GOAL is to assist competitors to achieve their best results!

EEMANN TECH is a Company that was founded by experts with a wide experience and knowledges in IPSC practical shooting sports as well as gunsmithing work. These knowledges were gained from long time experience of being inside the organizational roles of IPSC matches as well as from taking part as competitive shooters on high level international competitions. Gunsmithing job allowed us to see the places of shortages and areas of improvements. Combination of all these components made us one of the best suppliers for IPSC competitive shooters who understand their needs and can provide them with high quality spare and tuning gun parts and shooting range equipment.

Every competitor can customize their shooting equipment using the EEMANN TECH springs and parts according to their needs and sports division requirements.  We offer a wide selection of parts for making firearms match the factory parameters using EEMANN TECH classic-line spare parts or highly customize them by using the EEMANN TECH tuning-line parts.

OUR MISSION is to satisfy our customers with quality products and professional services. We combine modern technology, performance standards, and long-term experiences to deliver products of high quality and precision. We are here to take care of all the competitors’ needs and assist their in gaining the highest achievements.


  • Custom and factory-power gun springs.
  • High quality spare and tuning gun parts.
  • Paper and steel targets for competitions and personal trainings.
  • Patches for paper targets of different sizes and colors.
  • Lockable steel safes.
  • Cleaning and other accessories.

We are always open for cooperation and ready to answer any questions you have!


We combine long-term experience, best knowledge and technical abilities to deliver products of best quality and precision as well as professional custom support.